About Us…


What do you do if you are a man who lives in a household with just  females (beautiful of course) who spend endless hours fixing their hair in front of the mirror – combing it, straightening it, blow-drying it, plaiting it, threading it, weaving it, curling it, relaxing it, dyeing it, tonging it, twisting it, tying it up, gelling it?  Non stop – phew!! (well it feels like that to me)

Well I will tell you what; you set up a business to do with hair! Like a hair saloon or retail business as our house is practically one anyway! Our lounge looks like a cross between the two. We have an endless array of hair products on our bookcases, record shelves, trophy mantels and window ledges. We must have hair products worth 1000s of pounds I’m sure, plus our floors are a carpet of hair – in the bathroom, the living, the playroom, the dining room, and the stairs – basically anywhere there is a mirror and any path that leads to a mirror you are guaranteed to find hair. A forensic scientist would have a field day in our house guessing how many people live in it, their ethnicity and hair color.

They would think we have the united Nations of the World living with us with black, brown, blonde, red and Ombre color strands every where you look.

Well facing this crisis, and our hectic family lifestyle, I have for a while now realized that I couldn’t work 9am-5pm any longer. Two of my children play tennis at a national level, (Hence the tennis sport wears as well on our ibeji website!!) I personally trained them when they were young and for that I am proud of myself but with my work it was getting more difficult to manage, I need to take them to tournaments at home and abroad and train them as often as possible, it was becoming unattainable!

My 19 year old is in her first year of university and this needs to be financed if loans and debts are to be avoided. Bank of Mum and Dad definitely need to set aside funds for this, not to mention the inevitable wedding, so as you can see, only a business would allow the flexibility to accommodate the hectic schedules and expanding financial commitments.

Surprisingly enough, hair plays a big feature in our lives and we spend as a family an enormous amount of money trying to maintain our hair. We calculated that we spend on average $700 a month on purchasing hair and hairdresser fees and hair products. As the ladies of our household are always on the go or in the public eye, they want their hair to look good. With three sporty girls in the family (the eldest does basket ball and the youngest two – twin girls – tennis) they want hair that is easy to maintain and manage, hair that is long lasting and hair that is affordable as they sweat and wash their hair almost daily. Then one day I got this excellent thought in my head, which was indeed worth a try.

Surrounded by so many lovely ladies who always took their sweet time with their hair and spent a lot on hair extensions gave me an idea. Why shouldn’t I open a hair extension business? It will save me so much money, considering my beautiful ladies are crazy about them and the business would give me the freedom to spend more time with my family.

When I was on a 3 months software testing contract in China, I started seeing all the good factories for sourcing and making good hair. I came back and set up my own online business and that my people is how Ibeji Hair Products was born.

Things are still hectic, trying to get the business off the ground, promoting the business and letting people know the quality of hair we sell at Ibeji hair products …phew!! Its hard work but I am committed, I now spend more time required for the business and can still take out loads of quality time for the family and work on the twins tennis game and tactics. Watch this space for more news!! Cheers