And so what if I love my weave?

09 Apr

And so what if I love my weave?

I was asked to provide a blog on weaves by a friend and thought to myself – what do I know? However I thought about it a little bit more and said to myself – well I know as much as anyone else – after all I wear weaves on and off and have done so for many many years. My sisters wear weaves, so do my friends.  My workmates have weaves, my church-going friends do, as do the people I see whilst on my way to work on my daily commute.  So I do know as much as the last person.  In fact I have now convinced myself that I am actually an expert consumer, customer and commentator.

Anyway today I decided to talk about why we wear weaves as I know to some people, mainly women, are anti weave. They feel that black women are selling themselves by wearing hair types that we are not born with.  

Well quite frankly I don’t give a damn about whether people think people like me have sold out by wearing European or Asian-looking hair.  My life is too busy and anything I can do to save me time or give me more time, I will do.  I don’t have the time to wet my natural Afro hair in order to soften it before styling.  I don’t have enough time to keep dyeing out the strands of grey. There is a limit to how many times in a year I will relax my hair before risking thinning out too much and I don’t know about you, but I can only sit once or twice a year for 5-6 hours getting extensions done.  Quite frankly the thought of doing that fills me with horror!!  I do enjoy wearing the Ghana weave style but I am tired of having the hair on my temples weakened or ripped out during the weaving process.

When it comes down to it my dear readers, I don’t want to wear my hair natural – and don’t care who knows it.  I resort to weave-ons because they are simple to do, easy to maintain and are re-usable. I bought Ibeji Hair for only £200 over 23 months and have re-used the same 3 bunches of Ibeji Hair five times effectively nearly 2 years ago.

During rest periods from my weave I have worn wigs, individual extensions, had Ghana Weave and yes – I have worn my hair natural.  The period I enjoyed the least was wearing my hair natural. I missed the instant face lift of a weave-on  – and don’t pretend you don’t enjoy having the wrinkle free forehead and the ‘10 years younger look’ You’re lying if you say otherwise!!!

So give me a weave and I will choose this to wear over my own natural afro hair any day when given a choice ….. just as long as it is good quality – ie grade 6A hair like Ibejj Hair which lasts and looks as good a new after months of use, and is competitively priced – less than £200 for 3 bunches and a closure.

I challenge you to view things differently.