Create Instant Beautiful Long Hairstyles With Ibeji Hair

09 Jul

Amazing Curls 2Who needs to wait two long years for their short hair to grow back? Today, you can get long hair within a few minutes. With the right hair extension and stylist, you can get rid of that tired short hair and turn it into an amazing, full grown hair. One of God’s gifts to women must be the introduction of hair extensions. Talk about creating an impressively beautiful look in no time. The best part about hair extensions is that it can be put on any hair type.

People get to choose the colors they prefer or length. There are short, long, straight, wavy, tightly curled, and so on. Women are now spoilt for choice when it comes to hair extensions. The long ones are especially the best as there are numerous different styles you can put for a fresh look every day, I mean we have Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Cambodian Hair, to name just a few that we carry here at ibeji hair products.

Creating that instant beautiful long hairstyle using hair extensions looks easy only when a good stylist is putting them on for you, A good stylist will make even the most complicated hair extensions placements look like a walk in the park, but it can be painstakingly challenging. However, they do know that a few minutes of gruesome work re-inventing hair and creating new tweaking techniques are all in a day’s work to keep their valuable clients happy. So it is best to invest in a good stylist to get those long hair extensions just the way you imagined them.

The market has so many types of hair extensions to choose from. However, for that beautiful long hairstyle you desire, it is best to carry out some research before settling into a chair at your favorite salon. Besides selecting which type of hair extension you desire, find out the different methods of attachment and any schedules of maintenance the extensions would require and the cost of those maintenance practices.

Also, find out your stylist’s education and training background just to make sure they are qualified to perform any kind of attachment on your hair. Attaching hair extensions requires one of many delicate techniques that are complicated and when place badly, may cause harm to your natural hair. Clip-on extensions are one of the best and simple to attach, with some even coming with clips to tie onto the hair. A few minutes in and voila! Your hair has turned into beautiful long hair.

As for the maintenance bit, all hair extensions require to be maintained properly if they are to last for a long period of time. You want to always look beautiful in your hair extensions, treat them like they were your own hair. Shampoo, condition, moisturize and comb them regularly. Invest in good quality hair products and tools like a blow drier, curling iron, tooth comb and hair brush.

Always comb your hair extensions before washing it and dry it completely afterwards. It will be a total loss of your hard earned money if you messed up a good long lasting hair extensions hairdo soon after leaving the salon. In addition, make sure to wash the scalp in between the hair extensions. No one likes the odor that comes from an unwashed scalp. The owner of the hair extensions may also start itching which is one of the effects of going too long without washing your scalp.

Long hairstyles using hair extensions are elegant and classy and with the right amount of creativity, fashion magazines and advice from your hair stylist, you can have a different look every single day. Doesn’t every woman’s dream to look stunningly different every day? Hair extensions will definitely do that for you.