Differences Between Remy And Virgin Hair Extensions

27 Jul

What Are The Differences Between Remy And Virgin Hair Extensions.

Finding the right look for hair extensions may sound easy, but is a confusing task. With so many hair products in the market, women are spoilt for choice, they vary in brands, types, textures and color. It is now upon the woman to choose which brand she favors most and proceed towards the other categories, i.e. type, texture and color. However, for every woman, and some curious men, the main question asked is ‘the difference between virgin and Remy hair extensions’.

Virgin hair is completely unprocessed and naturally free from any kind of chemicals including silicone, perm/relaxer or dyes. Both the cuticles and the hair’s true structure remain undamaged. As for Remy hair extensions, the hair direction is preserved and the cuticles are intact with each hair strand facing one direction, Remy hair usually comes from one donor.

Virgin means the hair is natural, not dyed, no chemical, no bleach, just the very natural state like our own hair, Virgin hair is good.

Remy-used to describe the hair cuticle direction, Remy hair is the hair that cuticle is not reversed, top is top, end is end, basically from one donor.

So these two words are totally different meaning, not an antonym. That means you can find virgin Remy hair, or virgin non – Remy hair, and non-virgin non-Remy hair as well.

Generally speaking, in the market, you can find the following different hair extensions:

1-100% non virgin non Remy pure human hair, this kind of hair is processed, cannot be used for long time, it’s very low grade and low price, but it is still human hair

2–100% virgin non Remy pure human hair, the hair is non Remy, easily tangles, these are usually collected raw hair from the salon, they combine all the hair together from different people, but they will remain with the same cuticle direction, some are reversed, they will adjust the hair to make it the same direction, the Remy is not natural, low grade hair again and can be quite cheap.

3-100% Remy and virgin pure human hair, this is all that ibeji hair products carry and sell, What’s more, you might find some of the hair with a little bit older ends, that means it is real remy virgin hair, because for human beings, the hair on our head grows that way, the hair ends is the oldest part of the whole hair, so it might looks lighter color.

And there are still more different kind of hair if people are trying to save cost and buy cheap, so don’t just listen to what people tell you, you have to ask them several questions in order to get the answers you want, also touch the hair, feel it and test the hair by yourself, that’s why ibeji hair would offer a chance for our customers to come and see the hair by themselves before purchasing.

100% Remy and Virgin pure human hair extensions may be quite expensive but can be treated like real hair, in that they can be washed, flat ironed, curled and reused a number of times. Hair extensions of good quality can last up to 18 months to two years with the right maintenance. Many people can argue the price tag for both hair extensions, i.e. Virgin and Remy hair, but due to the durability factor, Virgin hair is the best in the market because it is unprocessed.

At Ibeji hair we sell virgin and Remy hair extensions from different countries, which include Peru, Malaysia, Brazil and Cambodia. Those spoilt for choice can evaluate the different types of hair extensions by checking out my website where a number of hair extensions can be selected. There is something for everyone, including those who are economically fractured as they can sort out hair extensions by price. The average price for a good Brazilian weave costs from £35-£70 depending on the type of hair extension. If you want straight or wavy, long or short, this is the website for you. Just visit our website on www.ibej.co.uk and have a shopping spree for hair extensions from the comfort of your home.

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