Do you want Proper Care of your Human Hair Extensions?

14 Jun

Do you want Proper Care of your Human Hair Extensions? pay close attention to this , Human Hair Extensions have many benefits, they are the easiest way to get an instant length to your hair, they are great for the people who want more volume to their hair or to achieve highlights or low lights and greater style or shape to their hair. With Ibeji’s 100% human hair extensions, you can achieve all this change the way you feel about the way you look with a few simple touches.

Curly hair by ibejihair

There are two main categories of hair extensions: Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. Human hair, is made o 100% hair cut from a donor, whilst synthetic hair is made with synthetic fibers and other material.

Human hair extensions look feel and behave like human hair – because it is human hair! In comparison to synthetic hair, it has longevity, and can be treated in exactly the same way as you treat your hair, i.e. washed regularly, blow dried, heated under a dryer and tongued. Why – because its human hair of course!! Synthetic hair cannot be treated in the same way. It’s properties will chemically change with continuous heat treatments. Often the hair will melt and break like plastic. Other times it will tangle and become matted after washing or even after sleeping. Synthetic hair often sheds quite a lot resulting in loss of volume.

What is a good hairstyle worth to you? Ibeji hair sells reasonably priced hair when compared with other products in the market. We want you to reinvent yourself with Ibeji 100% virgin remy human hair. If a better looking hairstyle boots your confidence, Ibeji hair is for you……because you are worth it!!!

If you are thinking about its price, so getting the hair extension is not a costly idea. It is available at reasonable price and everyone can have it. These extensions are the best method to have long hair and it will look like natural hair. If you have short length and you have to attend your mentor party, so there is no any other way to get a length except hair extensions. After getting it, there are some methods that you must adapt for keeping them in a perfect condition.

Use conditioner:

To make your Human Hair Extensions long lasting, you have to use this method. You have to use water and conditioner to keep it in the best condition. Firstly, make it wet with some water and then put conditioner on it. After approximately 20 minutes, you have to wash your hair extension. If you want to retain its good condition for a long time, so you have to do this procedure once in a week.

Rinse them properly:

After purchasing new hair extension, it is compulsory to wash them properly at least three times in a week. Because these extensions demand a lot of caution, so you need to be keeping it clean with carefulness. Most of the hair specialist suggests to rinse off your hair after every three days.

Keep away from heat:

Hair extensions provide an astonishing look, but to retain its natural appearance, you have to keep it away from the heating process, because it can damage your hair extension. Bear in mind that by using the precautions, you can use your Human Hair Extensions for a long time. Another point is that you must avoid sleeping with your wet hair extension.

If you want instant length or you want more styles, then select Ibeji hair products, you will get the finest human hair extensions from this source. Because they have professional staff to guide you about the perfect option, so they will recommend according to your face look and shape.

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