Ibejihair Products Full Lace Wig Q&A

13 Mar

From our Vast Product line of Hair extensions, closures ombres, curly hair here is ibejihair! Q&A on our full lace wig.

Q1What is the differences between full lace wig and lace frontal wigs?

A1Full lace wig is the wig that is constructed on lace wig cap. Each piece of hair is hand tied into the lace cap, so it looks very natural from every angle and you can part the hair anywhere as you want and tie it up as ponytail too. While on the lace front wig, there is only lace on the frontal from ear to ear. The rest of the wig is sewed into regular wig cap. So you are able to do a parting on the front, but not the ponytail. Besides, full lace wig will be more comfortable to wear, well, it is more expensive than lace front wig.

Full Lace Wigs (Natural wave)

Q2: How to wear the full lace wig?

A2: You can just put it on your head like wearing a cap and there are clips, combs, and adjusted bands inside the cap to secure the wig on your head. It is very convenient to wear it and you can take it out before go to bed. Of course if you want to wear the wig as secure as the weft hair, you can use glue on the wig too.

Q3:Do you need to cut the lace on the wig?

A3: Usually there is 2 inches lace on the frontal of a new wig and you definitely need to cut it out before install the wig to achieve natural looking. We suggest you to consult your stylist who help you to the wig because they know how to give you a perfect look.

Grey Hair wig

Q4: Can you wash or tong or restyle the hair on the full Lace wig?

A4: Yes definitely, because the hair on the wig is as flawless as the ibeji hair bundles.

Q5:Do you need to wear a cap underneath the wig?

A5: Yes we will suggest that. It helps to secure the wig on your head better. Ibeji will provide a free gift wig net when you ordering a ibeji lace wig!!

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