02 Jul

Long Hair W 2There are many people afraid to go on a hair extension adventure for the mere fact that some people says it is damaging to the natural hair, this is only one side of the truth, the other side is that if well taken care of, hair extensions can create a more beautiful look to your hair and help your natural hair grow healthier in the process, so it actually can be beneficial!

The market has several hair extensions including Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Cambodian Hair, and much more. You need to select hair extension of good quality if you want to preserve both a gorgeous look and healthy natural hair. From the wide variety to choose from, just make sure you get one that is of good quality, there are even stores with bundle deals for a selected number of hair extensions you purchase, check out ibeji hair products for all our deals on good quality hair extensions.

A way to remove hair extensions without causing any harm to natural hair is simple; the first tip is to steer clear from bad hair extensions, these include synthetic. Why? Synthetic hair looks super plastic on any head, unless you are considering putting dreadlocks. Cambodian hair, Brazilian hair, indian hair are one of the many hair extensions in the market, please make sure you get the real remy 100% human hair, there are so many fakes in the market, you need to be careful about this, “Choose wisely” check ibeji hair products out if in doubt! they only carry authentic real remy human hair! Thanks to these hair weave/ extensions the market is blazing with dyed, long, short, curly and wavy Hair as opposed to the previous ones that were hard to style due their straighter-than-an-arrow property.

So if your budget is super tight, you can go for a good, dyed hair extension, (Ombre). There are also Peruvian and Malaysian hair extensions which are also good as they can be found in a wider variety. Some are straight, others wavy and curly. All these hair extensions need to be well taken care of if they are to last longer and reduce damage to your natural hair. To that effect, you should treat hair extensions the same way you treat your own hair.

  1. Do not overuse straightening and styling irons as heat damages hair extensions the same way it damages real hair.
  2. Invest in the right hair care products. This should include shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, wide tooth comb, extension brush and heat protection styling spray. Leave-in conditioners are the best as they nourish both the natural hair and its extensions.
  3. Always carefully brush hair extensions to reduce breakage and fuzziness. Start at the bottom gently making your way up to untangle any knots.
  4. Seek an expert’s opinion whenever in doubt about hair and hair extensions. If you purchased hair extensions from a salon, it would be best if you also had them attended to on a regular basis at the same salon. In case you have clip-on extensions, take them with you for your stylist to cut into the same length as your newly done hair.
  5. When washing your hair extensions, always wash in between the braided sections to ensure your scalp is also clean.
  6. Remove or redo hair extensions on an average of 6-8 weeks. During this period, your natural hair will have grown 1” to 1 ½” making extensions look untidy.

For those looking to have a different color of hair extensions to their colored hair, do not worry as your hair stylist can work around the colored area to set in the hair extensions of your chosen color.