How long can weaves last for and still look fresh?

17 May

Full HairHow long can weaves last for and still look fresh?  

Well Ibeji fans, I must say that I caused quite a stir on my night out with the girls last Saturday when out celebrating my???????? birthday. We were arguing about the merits and de-merits of natural hair v weaves.  I think I won the day because all my friends and their children and even  my friends mums, aunties, cousins etc do the very same thing – that is they all wear weaves a lot of the time and go au naturel at other times.  We all do the same to a greater or lesser degree.  What differs so tremendously however is our experience of our weaves – how we look, how satisfied we are with our product, how well we achieved that sought after look.

Anyway having concluded that debate, we all wandered onto an array of topics related to weaves and I thought it would be useful to share some of the following discussion threads with you :- How Long Does Your Weave Last For?

With Ibeji hair, you will find that your weave can last 2 years plus – if you look after it (this is based on based on wearing the weave for 365 days a year x 2). Women who buy our hair do not wear them for as long as this however.  They wear them for 2 – 6 months on average a year and then rest them in between new styles.  We find that if our maintenance advice is followed, Ibeji weaves last a long time, thereby remaining tangle free, retaining hair, body, bounce and texture.

What makes a good weave?  

Our own surveys show that our customers choose us because our hair is genuinely the highest quality you can get. It comes with all the naturally perfect imperfections of human hair because our hair is simply – 100% human.

I personally have two different weaves – Ibeji Brazillian Body wave and Ibeji Twerk!  One is naturally wavy and one curly.  I like different lengths, long and short.  I find that the hair becomes ‘your own’ and moulds itself to suit your required look. My weave is looking better with age and I love it!

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