How real women look after their real hair.

04 May

Long HairLet us be honest, the money us girls spend on hair is enough for a short city break. Therefore, we are not looking to invest this much and then watch our money shed by the pound. Good hair is important. But as well as the quality of the hair, there is a lot to be said about looking after your great hair.

However, most women don’t have the luxury of spending more money on getting a professional to revive our locks weekly. Nor do most women have hours a day to spend on grooming their hair. So how do real women look after their real hair?

Here are a few tips that have done me well over the last few years:

  1. Do invest in great shampoos and more importantly CONDITIONERS. Spend some time on that lazy Saturday, giving your locks a good conditioning session. Anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours, will do that trick and then air dry if time permits. Products like: Aussie – moist conditioner, TreSemmé, Herbal Essences and Dove, will work wonders.
  2. If you have coloured your hair, conditioning regularly is a must, if you don’t want to see those ends dry and coarse. Again, any of those brands mentioned above, have their own colouring products, so look out for them. Experiment which brand work for you and enjoy the experience.
  3. Do invest in a heat protectant. I am not fan of drowning my hair in oils and products, but if I know that I am going to have a heavy day with straighteners or curling iron, I will definitely protect those locks, like I would do with my natural hair.
  4. DO NOT drench your locks with oils and creams. If you have leave out, I am a strong advocate in creaming your scalp and making sure your real hair is getting all the nutrients it needs. However, remember as real as your weave is, it is not living! Therefore, drenching it in with oils and creams, doesn’t absorb anywhere. If anything, it makes your hair look greasy, limp and crying for a wash. So be mega careful when oiling your scalp too.
  5. DO know what type of hair you like and stick with it. Me for example, I love straight hair, so I will buy straight weave. That way if I want the curls, I am not overly damaging my locks using lots of heat equipment on it regularly. Likewise, if you know you like wavy hair, get it! Then you reduce your time styling in the morning.
  6. DO brush, braid and wrap your hair before bed for those natural wavy curls. Or simply brush and wrap in a bun for straight hair, so early in the AM you are just brushing and stepping out.


Those are my simple steps for how real women look after their real hair. Put your comments below, to share how you look after your hair tips.