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How To Tell If The Hair In Your Hand Is Good

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How To Tell If The Hair In Your Hand Is Good

To determine a good hair, we look at its hair material and how the curl looks.
Cuticle is always the first factor determining if the hair is good or not. The hair with full and aligned cuticle tend to be more “alive” and last longer. Of course, we cannot see the cuticle by our human eyes, but don’t worry, you can still tell by some appearance characteristic.

Good cuticle hair is usually with good natural color, the hair is not dry, but bouncy and softer. Tangling doesn’t happen a lot or badly. When you touch the hair, you can feel it’s a little bit “cool” and heavier than the false hair.
With the good hair material, the hair is good enough. And with the proper way to make the curl, the hair is perfect. The hair can maintain the cuticle well, if the curl is made by steam process rather than any other chemical process, and the curl can stay longer too, try our new release “Ibeji Twerk”

With the above two criteria, you can tell the good hair possibly. A good hair can be colored easily because the cuticle is strong. More importantly, it can be bleached into every light color, like #613 blond color.
All of our hair at Ibeji can be dyed, bleached, curled and straightened, owe to the strict control of hair material and production. This means, we have the good hair! Come and try it out by yourself.