Ibejihair Quick And Easy Way To Reduce Tangling on Curly Hair

14 Sep

Ibejihair Quick And Easy Way To Reduce Tangling on Curly Hair

Tangling is one of the most important issues most ladies worry about when buying hair extension. People would say tangling shows the low quality hair, that this is not a healthy hair at all. It is true to some extent, however, tangling cannot be stopped since it is very natural even it happens to all our Caucasian friends as well. What we can do is reduce the tangling as little as possible by the following small tips.

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First of all, it is recommended we choose virgin and 100% remy hair, Virgin hair is unprocessed and it is the most natural hair, tangling cannot happen easily because the hair end is healthy, Remy hair has the same cuticle from top to the end like the natural hair on your head. It won’t have tangling due to cuticle direction is which is not reversed.

Wearing remy hair does not mean there would be no tangling at all, we still need to take good care of the hair in order to maintain it in the most perfect status, that is also the reason that some people can wear a hair for years, but some can only wear the same hair for a few weeks, always try to wash the hair once or twice a week, when the hair is clean and cool, tangling cannot happen easily. While the hair is not washed, it is dirty and mixed with some moisture etc, the hair would tangle and be frizz.

If you don’t wash the hair for a long time, please don’t use the comb to comb it, which will make it quicker to tangle, you can use your hand to sort it out before washing it.

If the hair is already tangled, please use your hand to open it and wash it, the hair will become soft silky and  nice again.

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