Ibejihair’s View On The Density Of Hair Weave Closures

29 Sep

Ibejihair’s View On The Density Of Hair Weave Closures

Women today have been presented with the option of rocking full heads of weaves that look completely natural. Without taking a closer look, you would actually think the hair was real. Well, it is real in the sense that it was bought and therefore is tangible and belongs to the woman who bought it. However, as real as naturally grown hair goes, weaves are just an accessory. The introduction of weave closures has been able to perfect the natural look that most weave wearers go for. Instead of having your stylist sew in a weave on your entire head, you can now have it partially sewed in and a closure attached to the top or side part of your head. The attachment is what is referred to as a closure.

lace closure1Closures come in different forms, but the most common is the lace closure, its most attractive feature is its ability to style in many different ways. So now women can eliminate the possibility of wearing just one or two hair styles the entire time they have a weave.

Something most women fail to consider about closures is their density. A closure density is simply the thickness of the closure. Since the goal is to rock a natural look, the density of closures should be as close to the owner’s hair density as possible. Density of closures comes in different ranges;

  1. Light closure density which is between 80% and 90%.
  2. Light to medium closure density which is at 100%.
  3. Medium density between 110% and 120%.
  4. Medium to heavy density of 130-140%.
  5. Heavy density at 150%.
  6. Extra heavy density at 180%.

Ibeji hair knows most women have a full head of hair, so they only provide 180% Density, but they can also provide 150% or lower as well for our customers but we always strife for the best quality so we go for the most natural density for all customers.

A closure with a density that is too light compared to your hair density may lead to thinning of the closure over a short period of time. Moreover, a thicker density closure shows the parting very real and natural. The hair around the parting should be as full as the other hair on your head. Therefore, select the right density of closures for your hair make over, you will always be okay with a 180% closure density.

While you are buying a high density closure,you can use less hair weft on the top because the hair of the closure can help to cover the top very well.

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