Silk Base Or Lace Base Closure ?

01 Aug

#Silkbase #closures and #laceBase #Closures – To Be Or Not To Be

At Ibeji, we love inviting stimulating debate and exploring individual feedback and comment.  It is one of the many ways we gather opinions about our products, fashion and industry trends.  It also enables us to feedback to you on how to choose your hair products and the features to look out for.  You then start to learn how to prioritize to suit your personal budget and preferences.   So today’s debate is on Silk Closures V Lace Closures.

Silk and Lace Base Closure





Have a look at the picture above.  Ask yourself what am I looking at? Study the pictures closely and compare.   If you cannot notice any difference, find the difference insignificant and feel that no one will scrutinize you to that degree, then you do not have a preference and can choose any of the products you are looking at.  If you do notice a visual difference and it changes your opinion on what you would purchase, then this will help you make an informed decision when you choose your next hair product.  You may already be aware of the difference in which case, this article will help reassure you more.

So by now you must have gathered that you are looking at a silk based closure or a lace base closure.

Ibeji market research results and analysis of its own sales figures show that silk-based closures are more highly rated and are becoming increasingly popular. The sales are increasing and the feedback is positive – infact there has been quite a buzz about this so we asked ourselves why do silk closures charm their customers so successfully? We will now explore the whys and how’s.

From comments we have received, silk based closures are more natural looking. As you can see from the picture, silk closure has little or no bleached knots, and the base colour blends in to appear the same scalp colour of the wearer.  The effect is seamless and amazing! Customers also give positive feedback about lace weaves which they are able to wear with confidence and attitude. However for many customers there is a hint of the not so perfect because on closer scrutiny lace closures appear to have a web of knots on the surface which to the knowing eye, can look obvious and unreal, for some people they do not want to wear hair that questions the genuineness of their weave which they feel will happen if a closure is not effective, they feel a poor closure makes their whole weave look less real or even makes the hair look more “ fake”.  So you may have a fabulous looking weave with a not so close to skin liking closure which then calls into question the whole closure.

Apart from the differences in the appearance, silk based closures perform better because of improved air conductivity, that means when you are wearing a silk closure on your head, it can breath, as air can access your skin because it is very light and porous, sweat does not build up and your own hair and scalp is able to stay fresher and avoid the build-up of sweat stale odour. As well as being light and airy, it feels light and part of the head.  Feedback form customers include comments like ‘You do not get a sense of added weight on your head when you wear a silk closure’ or ‘My head feels much lighter with a silk closure’ or ‘Silk weaves are great for summer because my head can keep cool and when I’m out in the sun’ or ‘I find lace weaves great for the cold weather and silk lace much better for the summer’

At Ibeji, we respect people’s choice to choose what works for them and what is affordable. As a result we stock both products.  Many Lace Weave wearers do not have a problem with the product and dress and style their hair professionally not drawing attention to product weaknesses. Their confidence in themselves, their choices, their budget is something we champion and respect.  We value personal preference and choice.  Our job is to ensure that our customers have all the facts, market research results, customer feedback, and are made aware of technological improvements and advancements in #Hairextension products.

Silk closures cost more to produce and are much higher in price than the lace closures and to give customers choice, #Ibeji hair products sell silk and lace closures.  Just to reassure you there are more similarities between the products than there are differences both closures are of same quality and both are 180% density. The hair is top grade real virgin remy human hair, matching well with all the bundles we carry, #Brazilian #hair, #Peruvian #hair, #Cambodian hair and #Malaysian hair.  What’s more, both of them are handmade and with baby hair.

All in all, it depends on your budget. Both #closures come highly recommended. What do you think – send us your views?

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