How Do I Create Your Own Ombre Hair?

08 Aug

We don’t recommend customers to dye the hair extensions since the colouring will hurt the hair cuticle to some extent, and thus influence the lifespan of the hair extensions. However, when you need a fresh look on the ombre hair extensions, it is not a bad idea to add some colour. Here are some small tips from ibeji hair for your ombre hair extensions for you to do the colouring on the hair extensions.

picture on how to fit ombre hair extensions

First, make sure you select the right colour. Usually dark colour is recommended because dark colour does less harm to the clip in hair extension than the lighter colour does. Also, the dark colour can be easier to dye than the light colour. You need to bleach the remy human hair to get some light colour.

Secondly, you can try out the ombre hair on a small strand of hair first. You will have a brief idea of how the colour turns out on the synthetic virgin remy hair because each bundle might be slightly different when applying. What’s more, you will know how to control the amount to use, and how long you will need for the colouring.
And about the time control, you might get instruction from the colour packaging, but that is a basic suggestion. You need to decide the time according to how good your clip in hair extension is. Thus you need to watch the human hair extensions very well when colouring, If you think the colour is good, you can stop and finish the dying.

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