Three Simple ways to get the type of curls you want !

29 Dec

Three Simple ways to get the type of curls you want

At Ibeji, we only supply top quality virgin hair that is available for styling. For one type of curl, different stylist might achieve a different look on it. Kinky Curly hair and spiral curly are some kind of magic curls.

How you open and install the bundle determines how the look will be. Here are three major ways to open kinky curly and spiral curly recommended by our customers.

  1. To achieve an Afro look.

Kinky Curly

You just simply need to use your hand to open each curl one by one. No rush in order to avoid tangling at the ends. Please don’t use combs to comb it. It needs time and patience during the process, but it’s worth it. Check the process in the following picture please.


  1. To achieve an elegant tight curls look.


Please spray the curls with water before install. Just need to spray it a little bit wet and make the curl loose a little bit. After it is wet, please use your hand to open the curls.


  1. To achieve a relaxed loose curl.

Kinky Curly

Please put the bundle into the water, make it wet thoroughly. After the bundle wet thoroughly, please use your hand to split out the water from top to down. At this time, the curls should look much longer than it is not opened. After split the water out, please use your comb to open the hair curl.


The above mentioned methods are just suggestions. You must have your own way to deal with curls. No matter in what way you open it, we surely believe that you will enjoy and love the hair, and all our Curly hair comes in Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian and Brazilian Hair

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