What is Double Drawn Hair?

08 Jun

Single Drawn V Double DrawnFor human hair, we have single drawn and double drawn hair. Most hair we see in the market are single drawn hair. Double drawn hair is the hair that has same thickness at the top and the bottom. That also means in one bundle of double drawn hair, you cannot see a lot of short hair. Most of the hair are with same length from top to the end. There are Remy double drawn hair and non Remy double drawn hair. Remy double drawn hair is the top quality hair that the cuticle is not reversed. Ibeji only offer Remy double drawn hair, so all the double drawn hair we mention in the following passage refers to the Remy double drawn hair.

How Remy double drawn hair is made?

When the hair is cut from the donor, the hair is with many short hair. That is very normal because human being’s hair usually is not with the same length. In order to make it double drawn, people need more hair to make it a bundle , and then take all the short hair out so that that bundle of hair can with the same length from top to the end. The cuticle is not reversed for Remy double drawn, so the quality of hair won’t be affected. While some factories they will mix all the hair together and choose the longer one to control the cost, that is not good for the hair. The cuticle is already reversed and the hair can only be used for 1 or 2 months.

Why people like double drawn hair?

First of all, double drawn hair looks more healthy than single drawn hair. The hair are thicker and with less yellow ends.

Secondly, people need less bundle of hair to make a full head.

Thirdly, the hair is nicer in any textures.

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