Where Ibeji Source Their Hair

25 Apr

When you receive your lovely bundle of Ibej1b+30i hair in your hands, you might be very curious on how it came to be a beautiful weft, there will be a lot of surprises you will find after reading this blog.

For the real, and pure virgin remy hair products, the raw material are collected directly from young women, each bundle must be cut from one person in order to maintain the quality and aligned root to cuticle to maintain the hair’s natural beauty after it has been styled.

When people are buying human hair, they complain that the hair is not good because of the lighter colour ends or thin ends, but that doesn’t actually mean it is not good, for the donors that have long hair; the longer the hair, the older the hair will be, so it is very normal that may you find lighter colour or a little bit dry hair ends, also the donor will not have their hair cut at the same length, so it is common, to have different lengths, However the bundle will wholly be the length it claims to be, If you find the hair are very neat at the end and thick at the end, it is very likely that it is not remy hair. It is just a bundle of hair collecting from a mess of raw hair and make it neat.

Where Ibeji Source Their Hair

Another thing to remember is that different people’s hair health will vary, that’s why every single lady has different quality hair, even though donors may be from the same region it is very likely that they have different hair.

So when researching hair companies, it is important to take time to analysis the quality of the hair you have. The better quality the hair, the higher the grade, 4A, 5A, 6A and so on, therefore if you see companies selling lower grade hair, be cautious of the quality hair they are getting from their donors, that’s why you can find different grade of hair in the market.

Nowadays it is not easy to collect the hair, every woman loves being beautiful, so when they are very young they dye their hair or curl it, straighten it or bleached it, In this case the hair cuticle is slightly ‘damaged’ to some extent, So the transformation process from hair to weft has to solve all these problems.

Then how do Ibeji Hair collects the raw hair and make it into weft? In order to get a totally unprocessed and good quality hair, our experienced workers go into rural areas, like the mountain and villages to find the hair donors, the girls living in the mountain or remote villages are less likely to tamper and experiment with their hair like city girls do, so their hair are perfectly taken care of.

They know more about how to take care of their own hair too, thus they sell the hair to us higher because they know it is a better quality, consequently this is reflected in Ibeji Hair prices, but we are still keeping the price down for our customers.

You might still get a lot of questions in mind, Just say it and we are willing to answer any of your questions.